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some appreciated, early praise for 'Holy Data':

Grayowl Point: "This is the kind of album that could shape a year, that you can put in your back pocket and bring out wherever you go. This is an album that stays with you.... Holy Data have your all-seasons companion: a record to hold through the turbulence of life."

Brooklyn Vegan: "The band craft guitar pop in a not-too-distant-future-by-way-of-1967 way, and the record is chock-a-block with memorable songs and arrangements."

Silent Shout (on lead single 'Ether'): "Vivid psych-pop warps the track until it culminates in a kaleidoscopic cluster of synths, guitar, and a contagious chorus. As a result, the blissful frenzy at the crux of “Ether’s” charm is unleashed."


released May 19, 2017

Holy Data (self-titled)

Recorded at the Pines, Digital Bird, Le Pantoum and the Hive

Engineered by Martin Horn, Patrick McDowall, Tyler Crawford, Jean-Etienne Colin-Marcoux and Holy Data

Mixed by Matthew Lederman
Mastered by Ryan Morey

Artwork by Matt Shane

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all rights reserved


Holy Data Montreal, Québec

This thing started back when Three & Four were banging pots and pans in the streets of Montreal, realized the world was headed for a bad future, decided to make music, met One (whose parents said his destiny was to play synthesizers for a rock 'n roll band), met Two and then they made a bunch of tunes and slowly made a record by themselves in some warehouses across la belle province. ... more


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Track Name: Bad Future
You said there's another way
But I know there's no way
'Cause I saw you up ahead
And this is what you said:
There will be no purpose
There will be no pleasure
All we have is a bad future

We all have bad futures

Yeah I know there's no way
'Cause I saw it in your face
All we can do is grow old
Track Name: No One
Watch it behind your eyes
When you sleep
Awake inside a dream
Feel the stars like a rosary

All of your photographs and the places you've been to
Only cast a shadow then stumble to fall toward the slew

Look at you move as a wanderer in the millennium
Counting all your constellations
Caught in space for no one and everyone

All of your photographs and the faces you've seen to
Only cast a Shadow then stumble to fall toward the slew

You know it'll come 'round
As all the entranced ghosts haunt in North America
Death, then a long wait to fade out
Oh, do you hear them sing?

I'll lend you my ear if you sing me a song
I don't care if you're out of tune
I lent you my ear you sang me some songs
I didn't care when you were out of tune
Track Name: Hello Loneliness
Hello Loneliness
Though I like the way you crept in my bed
I want to sleep alone tonight
Shut up little voice
Though I like the things that you say
Sometimes I wanna be in silence

Maybe crazy
No time to lose my mind
Uh Oh x2

(Look into the eyes you'll only go blind)

Hello little eyes
Though I like the things that you see
Sometimes I wanna be alone and blind
Shut up little mouth
Though I like the things that you eat
Sometimes I wanna go to bed hungry
Track Name: Vacation
Do you wanna feel the rush again?
Then come and let it in
It will take you through the true blue to the very end
Where your dreams are unleashed

But if a Judge goes: Bang! Bang! Order in this court!
Do not worry - in this room there is no Jury

There are puppeteers in the void
See them untying the strings tangled up with tomorrow
As your twenties came to pass in a cursed terrain
You felt it in your spine speeding up and taking off into another plain

Don't think you lost it, it's just a flight to a new kind of vacation

Watch it come from the beyond into your brain
A strange forgotten song
The dark mystery
A verdict gets spelt out for us we are G-U-I-L-T-Y
For the jinx we put inside our imagination
And sabotaging the way toward some new kind of vacation
Track Name: Never Should I Ever
Never should I ever wandered through your heart
I never meant no harm, but it was wrong from the start
Maybe, Always, Never will I go away
Said I would come back but it was all just a fake

You said that you wanted the truth
But the truth is that you will lose in the end
I never wanted more than you could give

If I am the problem, why do I exist?
I only made you all to make you think about it
Track Name: Ether
You blew my heart out like a candle in a sandstorm
And its clouds of sin and smoke
All the things that we spoke of - promises with wings to the wind

You blew my heart out
It blew my heart out
God blew my heart out

You know nothing'll last forever
La la la la la
Your mama said we're all made of ether
La la la la la
It's true
Track Name: I Want It All
You say what I say makes no sense
But I see you laugh and smile like you understand
Why won't you just let me scream it all out?
'Cause I want it all and nothing more

Give me peace, give me war
Give me everything and nothing more
Give me love, give me hate
Give me everything I can't explain

I try to put my hand on my mouth
Whenever I feel something coming out
It's just too hard for me to keep it contained
Avoiding boredom in a world with all of these things

Give me him, give me her
Give me everything from every gender
Give me peace, give me war
I want it all and nothing more

You say what I say makes no sense
But I see you laugh and smile like you understand
Why won't you just let me scream it all out?
'Cause I want it all and nothing more
Track Name: Moonkisser
No one will ever notice that you are not around
I will secretly laugh when you are screaming from the ground
No one ever noticed that you were always drunk
I saw the bow of your boat kiss the moon as it sunk

No one else will read your mind, see through your eyes, hide the truth and all the lies like I do
No they won't
Track Name: Orphan Maker
Made a maze inside of time and put it on the earth
I watched them build it higher and higher only to fall again
A story told before the sun grew old

Like the way toward a kiss
It's a small warm-up to bliss
Some are gonna get colder and colder
I am the heat
I'm in honeymoon suites
Sometimes I'm the orphan maker

From a mom and dad to a hospital

Into another secret stream
Inside a mind obscened by all the lives to lead
Mon dieu qu'est que tu veux?
Grandma's numb and dosing on morphine

I am the heat
From a mom and dad to a hospital
They are skeletons in time
Track Name: Déjà Vu
And it had just begun this real strange mutation
You got old and quit the parade but then you thought,
"Where have I seen this before? Deja Vu!"
All you strangers and doppelgangers: have we been introduced?

Living in the hourglass you breath out all the sand
The minutes keep circling a clock's fast second hand
While the whispers in your head say "Deja Vu!"
Seen it before - it's already been said
Now I wish to forget
We are dancing above the grave
Oh, it's such a rave
We make our metaphors to see 'em fly into the chasm

Then a cremator will come for you and me
He'll burn our flesh
He'll set us all on fire then we'll be on our way home
Seeing the end of billions of billions
Track Name: Don't Look Too Close
Don't look too close you don't know what you'll find
There's something living at the bottom of your spine
There's a man in the room that I know won't go away
Holy Eyes, we'll let him play

Always seeking for the place between inner and outer space
Into the black hole